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Cushing's Perfection Acid Dyes

For many years Cushing’s Perfection Dye was a “union” type dye, designed to be suitable for a variety of plant, animal and synthetic fibers. In response to the changing availability of raw materials and to increase the effectiveness and ease of use of our dyes, we reformulated them into two types, acid and direct. Acid dyes are suitable for wool, mohair, and nylon. Direct dyes are the better choice for cottons and cellulose materials, plus linen and rayon. Silk dyes best with one type or the other, depending on the particular characteristics of the silk.

The contents of one package will dye one pound (dry weight) of material to the full shade. Use more or less for deeper or weaker shades.

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$3.25 each
Description UPC Code In Stock Price Qty
American Beauty American Beauty ACIDDYECUSAMERBEAUTY 14 $3.25 Add to List
Aqualon Wine ACIDDYECUSAQUALONWIN 5 $3.25 Add to List
Black ACIDDYECUSBLACK 12 $3.25 Add to List
Blue ACIDDYECUSBLUE 12 $3.25 Add to List
Burgundy ACIDDYECUSBURGUNDY 6 $3.25 Add to List
Cherry ACIDDYECUSCHERRY 16 $3.25 Add to List
Copenhagen Blue ACIDDYECUSCOPENBLUE 14 $3.25 Add to List
Crimson ACIDDYECUSCRIMSON 7 $3.25 Add to List
Dark Green ACIDDYECUSDARKGREEN 16 $3.25 Add to List
Green ACIDDYECUSGREEN 13 $3.25 Add to List
Hunter Green ACIDDYECUSHUNTERGREE 8 $3.25 Add to List
Jade Green ACIDDYECUSJADEGREEN 12 $3.25 Add to List
Khaki ACIDDYECUSKHAKI 6 $3.25 Add to List
Lavender ACIDDYECUSLAVENDER 10 $3.25 Add to List
Lemon ACIDDYECUSLEMON 9 $3.25 Add to List
Magenta ACIDDYECUSMAGENTA 10 $3.25 Add to List
Medium Brown ACIDDYECUSMEDIUMBROW 5 $3.25 Add to List
Mummy Brown ACIDDYECUSMUMMYBROWN 7 $3.25 Add to List
Navy Blue ACIDDYECUSNAVYBLUE 14 $3.25 Add to List
Nile Green ACIDDYECUSNILEGREEN 17 $3.25 Add to List
Orange ACIDDYECUSORANGE 7 $3.25 Add to List
Peacock ACIDDYECUSPEACOCK 12 $3.25 Add to List
Pink ACIDDYECUSPINK 12 $3.25 Add to List
Purple ACIDDYECUSPURPLE 12 $3.25 Add to List
Reseda Green ACIDDYECUSRESEDAGREE 4 $3.25 Add to List
Royal Blue ACIDDYECUSROYALBLUE 12 $3.25 Add to List
Seal Brown ACIDDYECUSSEALBROWN 9 $3.25 Add to List
Silver Gray ACIDDYECUSSILVERGRAY 16 $3.25 Add to List
Sky Blue ACIDDYECUSSKYBLUE 12 $3.25 Add to List
Turkey Red ACIDDYECUSTURKEYRED 16 $3.25 Add to List
Turquoise ACIDDYECUSTURQUOISE 7 $3.25 Add to List
Violet ACIDDYECUSVIOLET 8 $3.25 Add to List
Yellow ACIDDYECUSYELLOW 17 $3.25 Add to List
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