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How to Knit - Cabling Without a Needle

 Learn how to cable without a cable needle. In this video Sara describes two different techniques to create cables without using another needle.

How to Knit - Cables

 Learn how to knit cables using a cable needle.

Surface Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch on Tunisian Crochet is an easy way to embellish, adding color or a motif to your crocheted work.

Joining Single Crochet

Learn how to join two pieces of crochet with a Joining Single Crochet, creating a flat seam. This versatile technique can be used to join Tunisian crochet with regular crochet or two pieces of knitting together!

WEBS Mystery Crochet-A-Long Square #2

It's time for Square #2 WEBS Mystery Crochet-A-Long! This square uses two different kinds of crochet, the crochet you are used to and Tunisian. For more information about the WEBS Mystery Crochet-A-Long Click HERE!

WEBS Mystery Knit-A-Long Square #2

It's time for Square #2 in WEBS Mystery Knit-A-Long! With the second square you will learn everything you need to know about knitting cables, both with a cable needle and without!

WEBS Mystery Crochet-A-Long Square #1

Welcome to WEBS Mystery Crochet-A-Long and the first Crochet Square! With this square you will learn how to crochet Yo-yos and create a beautiful square to start your blanket! Click HERE for the Square #1 Pattern!

WEBS Mystery Knit-A-Long Square #1

Welcome to WEBS Mystery Knit-A-Long and the first Knit Square! While knitting the first square, you will learn how to make one stitch purlwise (m1p), purl two together (p2tog), purl three together (p3tog), purl through the back loop (ptbl), purl two together through the back loop (p2togtbl), and how to make a duplicate stitch. All of these techniques come together to create a beautiful, versatile square! Click HERE for the pattern!

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