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Introduction to Knitting with Beads

There are 3 ways to add beads to your knitting. The usual way is to pre-string your beads and knit them on as you go using garter stitch, stockinette or slip stitches. You can knit beads between purl stitches, through a stitch, or on a yarn-over. You can also cast on with beads to make a lovely cast-on edge. The second method involves using a small steel crochet hook that fits through the hole in the bead; pre-stringing is not necessary when you use this technique. The third way to add beads to your knitting is to sew the beads directly onto the knitted fabric. If you would like to add a little (or a lot of) bling to your knitted projects, please join us for this workshop.

Skill Level: Must know the long-tail cast-on and be comfortable with knitting, purling, yarn-overs and binding off.  Intermediate.
Instructor: Pixie Benoist
Date & Time: Saturday, April 10, 1:30pm - 5:30pm
Materials Required: 
• Yarn: Enough light-colored worsted-weight yarn to make 8 4" x 4" swatches with several yards left over
• Knitting needles: Size appropriate for your yarn.  It is helpful to have more than one set of needles in the same size.
• Big-eye beading needle (available at WEBS Bead Store).
• One tube of seed beads that are in high color contrast to your yarn, size 6 or E (available at WEBS Bead Store).
• One steel crochet hook small enough to fit through your beads
• One sewing needle with an eye large enough to thread your yarn through it and that will fit through your beads
• Beading thread that matches your yarn or your beads
• Gladware 1/2 cup (4 oz) plastic container with interlocking lid. The lid is important.
• Optional: Knit One Bead Too by Judith Durant.  There's a great little project bag in this book that you may wish to try after the class.
• Your knitting tool kit
• A cushion for your chair
Homework: 8 swatches, put each one in a separate baggie.
1. Cast on enough sts to equal 4 inches and knit in garter stitch for 2 inches.  Do not bind off, leave on cotton yarn holder.  Make 7.
2. Cast on enough sts to equal 4 inches and knit in garter for 1/2 inch, then, keeping 4 sts on each side in garter, continue in stockinette until piece measures 3 1/2 inches, work another 1/2 inch in garter and bind off.

$35.00 each
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