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Knitting Basics


Knitting Basics

How to Arm Knit a Scarf

 Arm knitting is easy, fun and all the rage! Try it out with your favorite bulky yarn, multiple strands of a lighter weight yarn, or even roving. In no time at all you will learn an interesting new knitting technique and have the latest accessory!

For specific instructions see Valley Yarns Pattern 593, Arm Knit Scarf. It's a free pattern!

Yarn used for the scarf in this video is Valley Yarns Berkshire.

How to Do a Long Tail Cast On

Do you ever wonder what the best cast on is for your knitting? We love the Long Tail Cast On as our go-to cast on. In this video, learn how to do a Long Tail Cast On with WEBS education manager Tina McElmoyl. If the long tail cast on is not quite the cast on you're looking for, check out our cast on videos.

How to Knit English

Learn how to knit English style with WEBS education manager Tina McElmoyl. Knitting English style is a good way to learn how to knit for beginner knitters and children too where you hold the yarn in your right hand.

How to Knit Continental

Learn how to knit Continental with WEBS staff member Dena Childs. If you're a crocheter and are used to holding the yarn in your left hand, knitting Continental style may be an easier way for you to learn to knit. Also if you are a English style knitter but want to knit faster, learning to knit Continental may speed up your knitting since this technique requires less movement than English knitting.

How to Purl Continental

Learn how to Purl Continental with WEBS staff member Dena Childs!

How to Pick Up Dropped Stitches in Stockinette

Learn how to pick up dropped stitches in stockinette fabric with a crochet hook with Grace.

How to Add a New Color to Your Knitting

 Working with more than one color in a knitting project is fun! Learn how to add a new color to your project with this easy technique. After that, the possibilities are endless!

How to use a Yarn Swift and Ball Winder

Tired of using up time winding twist hanks and skeins into balls instead of knitting? Stop using chair backs, family and friends and invest in a ball winder and swift. Browse our entire collection of ball winders and swifts

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