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Anniversary Sale

Anniversary Sale



How to Crochet - Tunisian Simple Stitch

 Learn how to crochet the Tunisian Simple Stitch! Tunisian crochet is a fast, satisfying way to make a dense, squishy fabric perfect for Afghans. Sara's clear instructions will have you Tunisian crocheting in no time.

How to Knit - Cabling Without a Needle

 Learn how to cable without a cable needle. In this video Sara describes two different techniques to create cables without using another needle.

How to Knit - Cables

 Learn how to knit cables using a cable needle.

Surface Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch on Tunisian Crochet is an easy way to embellish, adding color or a motif to your crocheted work.

Joining Single Crochet

Learn how to join two pieces of crochet with a Joining Single Crochet, creating a flat seam. This versatile technique can be used to join Tunisian crochet with regular crochet or two pieces of knitting together!

WEBS Mystery Crochet-A-Long Square #2

It's time for Square #2 WEBS Mystery Crochet-A-Long! This square uses two different kinds of crochet, the crochet you are used to and Tunisian. For more information about the WEBS Mystery Crochet-A-Long Click HERE!

WEBS Mystery Knit-A-Long Square #2

It's time for Square #2 in WEBS Mystery Knit-A-Long! With the second square you will learn everything you need to know about knitting cables, both with a cable needle and without!

WEBS Mystery Crochet-A-Long Square #1

Welcome to WEBS Mystery Crochet-A-Long and the first Crochet Square! With this square you will learn how to crochet Yo-yos and create a beautiful square to start your blanket! Click HERE for the Square #1 Pattern!

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