4/8 Australian Merino Mill End -  ()

  • Fiber Content: 100% Australian Merino Wool
  • Weight/Yardage: ~1120YPP, average cone ~1lb
  • Care: Hand Wash, Dry Flat
  • Sett: 8-12 epi

4/8 Australian Merino Mill End

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We got in a fantastic shipment of 4/8 Australian Merino Wool Mill Ends. Sold by the pound (on full cones only) at ~1120 yards per pound, we recommend a sett of 8–12 epi. The yarn has a beautiful, tight twist that will loft and bloom when washed, making for soft and crisp handwovens. Available in Natural, which will dye beautifully.

Note: Sold by the pound on full cones only, no windoffs. Cones weigh approximately one pound, though price may be adjusted to reflect actual cone weight.

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