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A Crackle Weave Companion

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Exploring Four-shaft Crackle

A Crackle Weave Companion is a new comprehensive guide to the Crackle weave and its literature. Lucy Brusic brings together in one volume more than 100 four-shaft Crackle patterns previously published in the books of Marguerite Davison, Mary Snyder, and Mary Atwater. Using an easy-to-follow letter transcription system, A Crackle Weave Companion updates the older patterns and shows how they can be adapted to wider or narrower warps. Crackle weave is a system of small twill blocks. Traditional Crackle creates a sturdy fabric with short floats. However, many untraditional design ideas and color mixing experiments are also possible with this weave structure.

Anyone who can read a four-shaft draft and thread a loom can use this book. This book is designed to help the person who does not know much about Crackle become more proficient in the weave, but it is also designed to be an inspiration to all weavers, Crackle and otherwise, who want to understand how this structure works.

Lucy Brusic is a weaver who writes. She studied weaving with Marjorie Ruth Ross in Ithaca, NY. She is the author with Joyce Harter of Weaving for Worship: Handweaving for Churches and Synagogues (Robin and Russ: 1998), and the editor and designer of several other weaving books. She has been using the Crackle structure for more than 40 years and has taught Crackle at local, regional, and national conferences. Hardcover, 125 pages; Kirk House Publishers.

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