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Åsa Tricosa Ziggurats

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16 Elegantly Seamless Knits

Let Åsa Tricosa introduce you to the art of knitting beautiful top-down sweaters, using her innovative ‘Ziggurat’ technique. Skillfully designed to minimize cutting and joining of skeins, and to maximize flowing and seamless knitting, the Ziggurat method is clever, addictive and produces well-fitting, well-finished sweaters.

The book is written for both experienced and novice knitters, and for those new to sweater knitting. The comprehensive and elegant patterns will guide you, step-by-step, through the basics of Ziggurating. You can choose to follow the patterns as written, to master the techniques and gain confidence. Or you can use Åsa’s extensive detailed tutorials, and customize the patterns to suit yourself—adapt the neckline, add pockets, tucks, or lined hems and cuffs to create truly unique knits. 

This is Åsa’s invitation to discover the beauty of some of her favorite yarns, with designs knitting in a range of weights from heavy laceweight to aran from both commercial and indie dyers. Paperback, 243 pages; Åsa Söderman.

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