Fiber Trends 207X Felt Alpacas & Llamas -  ()

Fiber Trends 207X Felt Alpacas & Llamas

$5.50 Each

While these soft friends are agreeable to being made in any yarn that will felt, they are extra special made in alpaca, their own fiber.

Sizes: 9" - 14"

Yarn: Choose a yarn that will felt easily and firmly. Any weight of yarn may be used, or use 2 or 3 strands together for larger animals.

Yardage: Worsted weight: 165 yards main color and 15 yards black.
Bulky weight: 185 yards main color and 20 yards black.
Note: If using multiple strands you will need this yardage for each strand used.

Needles: Worsted: Size 10. Bulky: Size 11

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