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Hat Couture eBook

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If you only wear hats to keep you warm, Hat Couture will truly turn your head around! Designer Theressa Silver starts from the assumption that a hat is a statement piece. A great hat projects style or courage or mischief or sultriness - or all of the above.

The 13 patterns presented in Hat Couture capture the allure of an amazing hat while still being fun to knit and wear. You'll find hats that are strictly decorative - fashion statements with little practical use - intermixed with hats that are easy to wear and that will keep your head warm without compromising style.

Are you feeling more like Marlene Dietrich, Lucille Ball, or Grace Kelly today? Make a hat for every mood. Silver’s clear, easy-to-follow instructions allow even beginners to knit and embellish their own stunning toppers. Downloadable PDF; 55 pages; Cooperative Press.

This eBook is a downloadable PDF.

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