JUL Designs Leather Closures

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JUL Designs offers innovative and exciting alternatives to conventional closures, like these Leather Closures. They use a smooth, threaded cylinder that goes between the stitches from the front to the back of the knitted or crocheted fabric. A backing holds the screw in place on the inside/back of the garment or accessory and then the screw goes in, holding everything together.

The screw-in application means you can put a closure or attachment anywhere on a garment, cowl, scarf, or shawl, dramatically increasing the styling possibilities beyond what is possible with shawl pins and sticks, buttons, or sew-on clasps.  Styling with screw-in closures becomes a part of your creative process, allowing you to sculpt, layer, baste (using screw-in pedestal buttons), and combine pieces in previously impossible ways, while still making it possible to get in and out of your garments and accessories with ease.

Allow your creativity to extend past the period of creating your fabric into the way that you wear and style what you make!
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