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Knit One Knit All

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  • Author: Elizabeth Zimmermann

The new book contains over 40 patterns; none of which appear in any other of Elizabeth Zimmermann's 5 knitting books.

There are hats, gloves, mittens, socks, slippers, baby garments, vests, sweaters and jackets, all in her favorite stitch.

One of her recently found handwritten notes reads:

“One can only cite the elegant appearance of Garter stitch. It forms beautiful crinkly ridges, which are handsome in themselves. They can be employed horizontally or vertically or both and enable the structure of offbeat knitted pieces to be visible and organically decorative. I like to think that the very first knitter, doodling with sticks and sinews at the sunny entrance to his cave, or peering at his knitting by the flickering firelight, doodled with, or peered at, Garter stitch; the bread and cheese of knitting, the basic stitch—surely the prototype.”

Hardcover; 168 pages; Schoolhouse Press

Erratas for this book can be found on the Schoolouse Press Website.

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