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Cable Set

$2.49 Each

These flexible cables do not kink or twist and lay flat when not in use. The long threaded screw-in join ensures that the cable and needles stay connected. You may use the tightening hole (located on the metal join) and the included “key” to tighten the join even more. The smooth join allows stitches to slide from the cable to the needle easily and without snagging. If you need your needle tips for another project then just place an end cap on each end of your cable to keep your knitting safe. Each cable set comes with 1 cable, 2 end caps, and 1 cable key.

Please note that the cable lengths sold below reflect the final length of circular needle (i.e. the cable plus the two needle tips), and not the length of the cable itself. The 16" Cable when combined with the 4.5" tips creates an 18.25" long circular needle. The 16" Cable when combined with the shorter Special Interchangeable Tips creates a 16" long circular needle.

WEBS cannot verify or guarantee that any other company’s needles or cords will work with Knitter’s Pride needles. But if you’ve purchased a Knitter’s Pride product from us, we guarantee the product 100% with our no-questions-asked replacement policy.


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