Knitter's Pride Smart Cords Interchangeable Cable (for SmartStix)

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Knitter's Pride Smart Cords are the perfect complement to your SmartStix Deluxe Interchangeable Needle Set. They feature lay-flat, no twist cables, smooth joins that let stitches flow effortlessly onto the needle tips, specially designed keys and tightening holes to ensure a secure join, and end caps that keep your projects safe. The smart addition to this line is the measuring markings every inch of the their length. With these cords in place, you won't need to go hunting for those never-where-you-left-them measuring tapes since you can quickly check your project length anytime.
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You can never have too many projects on the needles, and if you use any of the
Knitter’s Pride Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets, you know that you can never have too many cables either! The Knitter’s Pride Smart Cord Interchangeable Cables come in 6 different lengths, each with their own distinctive color.

Please note that the cable lengths below reflect the final length of circular needle (i.e. the cable plus the two needle tips), and not the length of the cable itself. 

Colors and sizes are as follows:
  • 20" – Red
  • 24" – Blue
  • 32" – Green
  • 40" – Pink
  • 47” – Orange
  • 60” – Neon Green

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