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Knitting Outside the Swatch

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Explore a new approach to knitting with Knitting Outside the Swatch. Create and shape garments with joined motifs for outside-the-box knitting!
This book is an exploration of nontraditional construction techniques for creating and joining flowers, motifs, and various geometric knitted shapes to create inventive and dimensional knitted fabrics. Kristin Omdahl presents a library of 40 original and innovative knit stitch motifs and shows how joining one or more motifs can create trims or whole fabrics. She demonstrates methods for center-out, top-down, and side-to-side construction.

Enjoy 10 project patterns including shawls, cowls, scarves, and sweaters. Kristin illustrates how to interchange various motifs in these patterns, how to integrate these motifs into the body of a garment, and how to decorate or embellish other knitwear by using motifs as edgings, bands, cuffs, and more.

Think outside the box with this must-have knitting book! Softcover, 143 pages; Interweave Press

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