Lantern Moon Destiny Rosewood 26" Circular Needles

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Lantern Moon knitting needles are the finest and the fastest wooden needles anywhere in the world. We are proud to introduce our Lantern Moon "Destiny" circular needles. They are handcrafted using the same "liquid silk" finish as our now famous rosewood and ebony straight needles. The family who makes Lantern Moon Knitting Needles considers it their "Destiny" to make them. Their story is one of courage, sacrifice, family, perserverance and destiny. And... it is the story about how our needles come to you. Click HERE to read their story. The brass connection is machined, honed and polished together with the needle to create a virtually seamless connection. Yarn slides effortlessly back and forth between needle and cord. Nylon connection cord uncoils easily, stays relaxed and is tinted for visibility. Needles swivel at connection to avoid kinks. Destiny Circular Needles: Currently available in ebony and rosewood US sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5 and 11. length: 16, 26, 32 and 40"


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