Moments 003 (Merino Extrafine Silky Soft 120) -  ()

Moments 003 (Merino Extrafine Silky Soft 120)

$10.95 Each

Whether it's a vest, jacket or pullover, you will find attractive patterns for chic women's outerwear in the Schachenmayr Moments 003 - Merino Moments. These garments are knit with Schachenmayr Extrafine Silky Soft, making them cozy and comfortable.

Get the Schachenmayr Moments 003 pattern book for free when you buy 5 skeins of Extrafine Silky Soft 120! The pattern book will be added to your cart automatically for free if you have the required yarn in your cart.

While supplies last, one free pattern book per order.


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