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New American Knits

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New American Knits represents what knitters what to knit, and what they want to wear. Author Amy Christoffers' garments are casual but polished, equally appropriate whether running errands, at the office, or socializing with friends.

Amy takes her inspiration from the clean lines and elegant functionality of American sportswear, and creates projects that have a nostalgic feel even as they are perfectly suited for modern life today. In designing her fashionable modern uniform, Amy focuses on beautiful everyday sweaters and useful knitted accessories.

Amy applies her same clean aesthetic to the process of knitting her garments as well. Much of the knitting is simple stockinette and garter, with seamless and semi-seamless construction when possible. At the same time she adds sections of texture and lace and pops of colorwork to add visual and knitterly interest. Projects have detailed finishing including slipped stitch and I-cord faux seams, short row collars and hems, and other ways of making even the simplest garments look chic and elegant. Her goal is to create projects that are engaging to knit but not complicated, emphasizing the use of traditional motifs, techniques and skills to produce pieces that are satisfying in form and function. Amy's patterns are perfect for knitters who love both the knitting process and the finished product.

Smoothly plied yarns in muted tones lend themselves to tailored cardigans and tops while heathers, tweeds, and occasionally slubby textures give a rustic or ‘country house’ touch to outerwear and accessories. New American Knits is visually elegant with a streak of casual bohemian style, much like the projects themselves. Softcover, 160 pages; Interweave Press


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