PieceWork Magazine - January/February 2018 (JAFE18)


PieceWork Magazine

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Preserving the Legacy of Needlework

See why readers can’t get enough of all the great content offered in PieceWork Magazine! Every issue is packed with fun projects to knit, crochet and embroider, not to mention all the must-read expert articles and instruction.

Fall 2018

“Intricate” and “exquisite” are two terms used to describe the finest of needlework, but words fail to capture the true breathtaking qualities embedded in the tiniest of stitches. In the Fall 2018 issue of PieceWork, we turn our gaze and magnifying glass on a variety of impressive examples of “fine work.” Peer inside the diminutive world of petit-point embroidery on fifty-six-count silk gauze. Explore the fine-gauge knitting of Estonian gloves and mittens. And travel to Budapest to meet a young and vibrant group of crocheted lace enthusiasts.

Also included in this issue: 

  • Join the Quest: Search for Renaissance Knitting Yarns
  • Become a Citizen Knitting Scientist
  • Peek into the Miniature World of Petit Point
  • Make Irish Crochet the Budapest Way

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