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40th Anniversary 04 Lattice Weave Scarf PDF

$3.99 Each

To help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary weaving designer Virginia West created this lovely Lattice Weave Scarf draft. The crossed floats of the warp and weft in this structure are reminiscent of the geometric interlacing of a lattice fence.

The joy of this design is that it calls for small amounts of many colors for the cells. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the wide array of colors available in Valley Yarns Tencel or mix and match from your stash. The design calls for 8 colors of Valley Yarns 8/2 Tencel in a warm palette to create a "Missoni-like" mosaic of color. Because the outline yarn should be slightly heavier, the designer also chose Valley Yarns 5/2 Bamboo - perfect color, silkiness and drape.

You can have a lot of fun playing with colors in this project. You may prefer to arrange the colors in a more symmetrical order, or keep colors on shafts 3 & 4 the same while changing the colors on shafts 5 & 6. Just take care to choose the most neutral weft color possible to allow the rainbow warp colors to emerge.

Learn more about Virginia West and her beautiful design on our blog.

Structure: deflected double weave
Equipment: 8-shaft loom, 8” weaving width; 12-dent reed; 2 shuttles; 3 bobbins.
Warp Yarns: 8/2 tencel (3,360 yd/lb; Valley Yarns), straw, 54 yds; burnt orange, 54 yds; ruby, 36 yds; iris, 36 yds; gold, 36 yds; adobe, 36 yds; burgundy, 36 yds; deep sea coral, 36 yds
Weft Yarns: 8/2 tencel (3,360 yd/lb; Valley Yarns), adobe, 11 yds, deep sea coral, 253 yds; 5/2 Bamboo (2100 yd/lb; Valley Yarns), pompeii, 115 yds
Warp Length: 180 ends 3 yds long
Setts: Warp: 24 epi. (2/dent in a 12- dent reed); Weft: Approx. 24 ppi.
Dimensions: Width in reed: 7½. Finished size after washing and hemming: 6¾” x 70"

Draft updated 3/13/2015. View errata details here. If purchased prior to this date, please contact Customer Service to receive an updated copy of the draft.


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