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#73 Waves: An Eight Shaft Advancing Twill PDF

$3.99 Each

Several years ago I designed and wove a 16-shaft advancing twill scarf in 60/2 silk for a friend. This 8-shaft adaptation in 8/2 tencel shows much iridescence and is very supple. As with all advancing twill treadlings, it is a turn-off-the-phone, pay-attention-to-what-you’re-doing project.

Threading notes: To aid in accuracy in threading, it is helpful to count off 27 ends (1 inch) and the heddles you will need in place on each shaft in each 27 end unit. Thread that unit. If you have used all the ends and all the heddles, you will have threaded correctly. If not, go back and correct the error. Then do the same for each 27 end unit and check them off as you go.

This draft is a downloadable PDF.

Equipment: 8-shaft loom with 9-dent or 12-dent reed, minimum weaving width of 15”; 1 shuttle, 1 bobbin. Temple optional.
Finished Size: 7 ½” x 72” + fringe, or desired length.
Yarn: Warp & Weft--Valley Yarns 8/2 tencel, 3360 ypp.
Warp: Burgundy, approx. 690 yards for a 3-yard warp, 1400 yards for a 6-yard, 2 scarf warp.
Weft: Iris and/or navy, approx. 400 yards/scarf
Ends: 230 plus floating selvages.
Sett: 27 epi: 3/dent in a 9-dent reed, or 2-2-2-3 in a 12-dent reed.


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