Valley Yarns #75 Towel in 20/2 Linen PDF -  ()
Valley Yarns #75 Towel in 20/2 Linen PDF -  ()

Valley Yarns #75 Towel in 20/2 Linen PDF

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How do you fold your dishtowels? I like to fold mine in thirds and hang them on the handle of the oven door with the edges facing inward. But when I look at most of my hand woven towels, the pattern is near the edges, so what shows in the middle is often a fairly plain fabric.

This towel does have stripes near the edges, but the primary pattern is in the center, so it faces out when the towel is hanging. It took too many towels to figure this one out!
The threading and treadling are 8-shaft point twill, which makes for really easy threading and weaving. The tie-up, however, is a reflection of what can be done with weaving software. I flipped the corners of a basic twill tie-up to get an interesting, non-traditional pattern.

Equipment: 8-shaft loom with 12-dent reed, minimum weaving width of 24”, 1 boat shuttle. Temple optional, but very helpful.
Warp Yarn:
     Valley Yarns 20/2 Linen in Half Bleached - 1900 yds 
     20/2 hand-dyed linen from in Brown - 1242 yds. You could also use Valley Yarns 20/2 Linen in Natural.
Weft Yarn: Valley Yarns 20/2 Linen (8.8oz/1650yd) in Half Bleached - 3150 yds.
Total warp ends: 521 including floating selvages. (314 ends half-bleached, 207 ends brown or natural)
Width in reed: 21 5/8”, sett 24 epi in a 12-dent reed, 2-2-2-2, etc.
Woven Size: (off loom): 21” x 34” including 1” plain weave each end for hems.
Finished Size: 19 3/8” x 30”
Warp Length: I wound a 6-yard warp and got four full-sized towels, but my fifth towel was 5” too short! If you weave each towel 32” on loom, you will get five towels that finish up at approximately 28” long—still a good size for towels
Weave Structure: Twill

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