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#91 XOXO Shawl PDF

$3.99 Each

The Valley Yarns XOXO Shawl design began with the XOXO Baby Blanket, woven in 6/2 cotton, then we decided that moms would also love something snuggly to wrap themselves in. What better yarn to feel like a hug than Hatfield—a cloud of baby alpaca. The deflected double weave done in this fine yarn creates sweet circles and soft layers and displays a different color emphasis on each side.

This draft is a PDF download.

Equipment: 6-shaft loom, minimum 20” weaving width, reed, 3 shuttles, 4 bobbins
Warp Yarns: Valley Yarns Hatfield (100% Baby Alpaca, 437 yds/50g) Lavender Mist 1,116 yds, Deep Purple 1,050 yds, Leaf Green 546 yds
Weft Yarns: Valley Yarns Hatfield (100% Baby Alpaca, 437 yds/50g) Deep Purple 687 yds, Lavender Mist 357 yds, Leaf Green 229 yds
Warp: 3.5 yds of 556 ends
Sett: 30 epi (2/dent in 15-dent reed, 3/dent in 10-dent reed)
Width in reed: 17 1/4”
Finished Measurements: 16” x 70 1/2” plus 8” fringe each end.

Draft updated 4/21/2016. View errata details here.


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