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Woven Scarves

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  • Author: Jane Patrick & Stephanie Flynn Sokolov

Once you’ve learned the basics of weaving, what’s next? Scarves are a great way for new weavers to practice and explore weaving techniques, and Woven Scarves offers a collection of 28 scarves and variations that will range in complexity from rank to advanced beginner. Most importantly, all the scarves in this book are worked using knitting yarns. Thus projects work up quickly, are made from readily available yarns, and open the door to knitters (among others) who may be interested in weaving, but up to now have hesitated due to perceived cost, perceived difficulty, and availability of materials.  ➤ Shop similar products

Jane and Stephanie introduce new weavers to a broad sampling of weaving techniques, exploring various ways of creating cloth on a rigid heddle loom. Weavers of all skill levels learn in highly approachable ways how to create lovely scarves that are creative, classic, and fun to make and wear. Using various weave structures, color, yarn combinations, and techniques such as felting and embellishment, the authors take weavers through the basics to their own jumping off point for personal exploration and creation.

This book is arranged by areas of exploration. Each chapter begins with an explanation of a particular technique: plain weave; using yarn to its best advantage; various weave structures; altering the surface of woven fabric. Examples, ideas, and tips are given, followed by scarves with complete instructions that demonstrate the techniques. Throughout the book the authors provide project variations that show what happens when other yarns or colors are used with the same technique. Inspired Scarves will support new weavers in their desire for appropriate patterns, better skills, and a deeper understanding of fibers, types of weave techniques, and all the varieties of fabrics that are possible—even to beginners.

This book is primarily for new weavers and will use the rigid heddle loom exclusively (though drafts will be provided where appropriate to further expand the reach of this book to shaft-loom weavers). While this is not a learn-how-to-weave book, basic warping info will be provided, as well as a glossary of weaving terms. The color palette is a muted, botanical-inspired one often favored by weavers. The idea is to create projects with lasting appeal rather than focusing on color trends of a given season. Softcover, 160 pages; Interweave Press

On episode 354 of our podcast "Ready, Set, Knit!" Kathy interviews Jane Patrick. You can listen to the interview here!

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