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Cubics Knitting Needles


Knitter's Pride Cubics Knitting Needles are offered in densified laminated wood. This material is less costly and much harder than either ebony or rosewood. Unlike in other wooden needles, water absorption in Symfonie wood needles is negligible and, as a result, there is no chance of warping. The same property makes these needles very strong, enables the points to be sharp and provides a lifetime of pleasurable use, if handled correctly. Please remember that all wooden needles in the lower ranges (2.0mm-3.5mm) should be treated with appropriate care.  

The Symfonie Cubics line consists of needles from  2.0mm (US 0) to 8.0mm (US 11). Please note that the Cubics needles are measured diagonally and not across the 4-sided cross-section.

In the Knitter's Pride Cubics line you'll find a range of knitting needles including fixed circulars, single pointed needles, and double pointed needles. Each needle is marked with the size, which makes finding the needle you're looking for a quick and easy task.

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