Alliyma Yarn (1)

Alliyma believes that the timelessness of yarn inspires a metaphor: spinners and knitters, like individual strands of wool spun together, become stronger and more resilient when united. Alliyma yarns are hand-dyed and hand-spun in Peru. Guided by the principles of fair trade, living wages, and gender equal pay, Alliyma was created by Quecha Benefit in 2017 to offer stable employment, training for international market specifications, and a salary 3 times higher than the highest wage available. This method allows spinners to provide for their families and to save for a future of their design and making.

All proceeds from Alliyma yarn sales go to fund Quechua Benefit, an organization that works to break the cycle of poverty through Economic Empowerment, Education, and Preventative Medicine to greatly improve the lives of the Quechua people who produce this fiber.

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