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What are the WEBS discounts?

When you shop at WEBS, you can save up to 25% on your favorite yarns by taking advantage of our discount program! The program is simple:

When you spend $60 on discountable items, you save 20% on those items.
When you spend $120 on discountable items, you save 25% on those items.

What is a discountable item? Any yarn at full retail price qualifies as discountable. Patterns, books, magazines, needles, notions, hooks, and other accessories are not discountable. Sale yarns and yarns marked with a "Closeout" tag are also not discountable. Still not sure whether an item qualifies for the discount? Look for the WEBS discountable tag on the product page!

What if I have both discountable and non-discountable items in my shopping bag? Will I still get the discount?

The total cost of discountable items in your shopping bag must be $60 or more before discounts begin to kick in. So, if you have $40 of discountable items and $20 of non-discountable items in your shopping bag, the discount will not apply even though your shopping bag totals $60.

When you reach the WEBS discount and you have a mix of discountable and non-discountable items in your shopping bag, the discount will only apply to the discountable items.

Still have questions? Contact us at 1-800-FOR-WEBS!

Start saving with the WEBS discounts today! Looking for other ways to save? Check out our special promotions page.

How do the WEBS discounts compare to free shipping?

A lot of people ask about free shipping, but in most cases, our discount will save you more than free shipping does! Let's say you're buying a yarn that costs $20.99 per skein and that you live in UPS zone 8, since it's the farthest from us. The shipping would cost $6.50. So without the discount and with free shipping, those three skeins of yarn would cost you $62.97. With the discount, however, your total is $56.88, so you're still saving $6.09 on the three skeins!

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