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Drop-In Classes at WEBS

In-Person Knitting Drop In Meetings

Some things have changed a bit, but others will be just as you remember them!

  • In Person Drop In Meetings will be held on Tuesdays with Erin Holman and Thursdays with Beth Altimari from 10am-1pm in Classroom 1.
  • Instructors will assist with projects on a first come, first served basis.
  • Masks are currently required for Drop In and are available upon request.
  • There will be a limited capacity in the classroom. Once capacity is reached, you’ll be asked to wait until someone leaves before entering the classroom. This will also be handled on a first come, first served basis by taking a number. You’re welcome to shop in the store while you wait, but please keep checking so that you’re ready when it’s your turn.
  • We will continue to offer our Virtual Drop In Sessions as we have been for those who are not quite ready to be in person just yet.

The safety and comfort of our team and our customers is our top priority and we will consistently monitor and re-evaluate our ability to safely offer In Person Drop In Sessions based on the guidelines and recommendations issued by the Commonwealth and the City of Northampton.

Virtual Knitting Drop In Classes

Come join us for a Knitting Drop In on Zoom!

We offer Online Knitting Drop-In Sessions each week at the following times:

  • Tuesday afternoons from 3-5pm EST with Nina Machlin Dayton
  • Thursday evenings from 5-7pm EST with Susan Baron

These will be a different kind of drop-in, giving warmth and comfort along with knitterly advice. The hosts can welcome up to 25 students at a time, but we have a "waiting room" so if you don't get in at once, please wait a few minutes for an opportunity to get some face time.

If you're nervous about connecting, or have questions about how this works, please email Customer Service at or call 1-800-367-9327 (1-800-FOR-WEBS).