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Weaving Videos

Whether you're learning to weave or looking for a specific technique for your next project, our Weaving Videos are sure to help!

Loom Assembly

Leslie Ann Bestor shows you how to assemble a Schacht Cricket Loom.
Learn how to hang shafts and connect the control unit on your Toika Eeva Computer-Assist Loom, presented to you by Art and Barbara Elkins, the founders of WEBS. Let Art walk you through hanging your shafts so to ensure your accurate and even warping as Barbara demonstrates how to connect and use the control unit.


WEBS founder Barbara Elkins demonstrates how to wind a warp. When you're ready to warp your loom, check out our How to Warp a Loom from Front to Back video below.
Learn how to warp a loom from back to front with WEBS yarn store founder Barbara Elkins.
Learn how to thread double heddles on a rigid heddle loom, ideal for weaving with fine threads or weaving more complex patterns.


Learn how to use the Brooks Bouquet technique on a rigid heddle loom, while weaving the Bouquet of Hearts Blanket. The Brooks Bouquet technique is the perfect way to add some lace interest or simple motifs into your handwoven fabric.


Learn how to make perfectly folded hems to finish your woven items.
Hemstitching is a beautiful way to finish a weaving project. Learn how to hemstitch with this tutorial and give your weaving projects an elegant finishing touch!
Do you have trouble seeing where your needle is supposed to go when you are Hemstitching your weaving project? These two easy tips will make it easier!