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New - (MAJU20) May/June 2020
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Step into the world of weaving with Handwoven magazine! Discover incredible weaving projects and patterns, and weave them yourself with help from step-by-instructions from the experts. Whether you want to learn new loom weaving techniques or weave structures, this magazine makes you a better weaver. 

May/June 2020

  • Muddy Colors? The Easy Fix You Need to Know
  • 11 Designers, 12 Drafts, 21 Ways to Weave
  • Blend Drafts: Madelyn Shows You How!
  • New Colorful Cottons
  • 2 Projects in Valley Yarns! Kay's Manifold Towels (6/2 Unmercerized Cotton) and Fire & Water (8/2 Tencel)

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