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Handwoven Magazine

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Step into the world of weaving with Handwoven magazine! Discover incredible weaving projects and patterns, and weave them yourself with help from step-by-instructions from the experts. Whether you want to learn new loom weaving techniques or weave structures, this magazine makes you a better weaver. 

September/October 2018

The September/October issue of Handwoven celebrates weaving guilds and the creativity and friendship they inspire. Just about every project in this issue was woven to satisfy the parameters of group exchanges, challenges, or studies. Five guilds are represented in this issue with 13 projects that are now ours to enjoy:

  • Three towels woven by the Syracuse Weavers Guild, which challenged its members to use all of the colors from a Tintes Naturales kit to weave towels (with the added benefit of aiding the Mayan Hands Natural Dye Project).
  • Five coordinating napkins woven by members of the Silver City Weavers’ Tea study group based on a photograph from a Sierra Club calendar.
  • A scarf by Kathi Keller and Linda Gettmann from the Central Oregon Spinners and Weavers Guild that is the result of a study of supplementary warp monk’s belt.
  • Towels by Elizabeth Evans of the Etobicoke Handweavers and Spinners study group, woven in response to the group’s participation in an exhibit at the Royal Museum of Canada about the iconic book Keep Me Warm One Night.
  • Three shadow-weave projects from the South Coast Weavers and Spinners Guild of Southern California, whose weave structures study group chose the topic of shadow weave as its 2016 topic.

Also included in this issue: 

  • 14 Projects to Weave this Summer
  • Shadow Weave Unmasked
  • Turn Monk's Belt for Easy Weaving
  • Weave it Wavy with this New Reed

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