Handwoven Magazine - January/February 2018 (JAFE18)


Handwoven Magazine

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Step into the world of weaving with Handwoven magazine! Discover incredible weaving projects and patterns, and weave them yourself with help from step-by-instructions from the experts. Whether you want to learn new loom weaving techniques or weave structures, this magazine makes you a better weaver. 

March/April 2018

This issue explores how cloth has been used to proclaim our family and community origins. The projects in this issue tell stories and honor rituals and customs from cultural groups far and wide.

  • Weaving Life's Fabric
  • A Community of Cloth: Weaving and Identity
  • Can I Weave that on 4 Shafts? Surprising Techniques for 4-Shaft 
  • 11 Projects to Celebrate Your Traditions
  • Design Your Family's Tartan- It's Easier than You Think
  • Notes from the Fell: For the Love of Rags
  • Bogolanfini: Wrapped in the Earth
  • Lots more!

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