Handwoven Magazine - January/February 2018 (JAFE18)


Handwoven Magazine

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Step into the world of weaving with Handwoven magazine! Discover incredible weaving projects and patterns, and weave them yourself with help from step-by-instructions from the experts. Whether you want to learn new loom weaving techniques or weave structures, this magazine makes you a better weaver. 

May/June 2018

This issue is dedicated to inspired ideas and going from concept to cloth. You’ll read about designers who drew inspiration from problem solving, music, photographs, and more. The 12 projects in this issue cover a wide range of weave structures including doubleweave, shadow weave, and beyond. Become inspired to start your next project with the May/June 2018 issue of Handwoven!

  • A World of Ideas: Find Inspiration in Everyday Object
  • 12 Weaving Projects: Unlimited Inspiration
  • Make Your Tie-up Work for You
  • Reimagine the Coverlet
  • Lots more!

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