addi Swing Hook

$15.95 Each

Skacel addi Swing Hook was developed with comfort in mind. The handle is constructed of two plastics: one colorful and soft, and the other, white and firm. The two balance each other perfectly for just the right amount of flexibility.

Crochet hooks are available in the following sizes:
US 18 (.5mm), US 14 (.75mm), US 12 (1mm), US 10 (1.25mm),  US 8 (1.5mm), US 6  (1.75mm), US A (2.00mm), B (2.50mm), C (3.00mm), D (3.25mm), E (3.50mm), 3.75mm, F (4.00mm), G (4.50mm), H (5.00mm), I (5.50mm), J (6.00mm) 

Note: Smaller hooks (US 18-6) have a black & white handle, larger hooks (US A-J) are color-coded as shown.




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