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The Art & Craft of Spinning Yarn

Now you can master the art of spinning fiber into yarn with Spin Off magazine. Spinning your own yarn allows you to create beautiful one-of-a-kind yarn that is exactly what you need. By spinning your own yarn, you get to call all of the shots to produce the perfect yarn for your project. Do you need sturdy three-ply yarn for a durable pair of socks or soft, lofty yarn for a warm winter hat? Do you wonder whether to choose wool, silk, or a blend to spin yarn for a scarf? It's no wonder so many knitters, weavers, and crocheters love to work with their own handspun yarn. Spin Off magazine is here to help you learn about fiber, twist, and the joy of making yarn, whether you’re just getting started or already love to spin.

Spring 2021 Issue

Immerse yourself in a world of color with the Spring 2021 issue of Spin OffDiscover the secrets to reading dye styles with Jillian Moreno. Sukrita Mahon helps new dyers get their feet wet with colorants straight from the kitchen. Explore the magic of one-pot dyeing with Martha Owen. Joan Ruane demonstrates how to obtain vivid hand-dyed color on plant fibers, while allowing the sun’s rays do all the work. Suzy Brown shares how to create repeatable marls and shades with a hackle.

  • Rachel Simmons weaves colorful gamps with her handspun and demonstrates how to avoid the mud.
  • From light to dark, Jennifer Johnson shows us the range of natural shades available from Shetland sheep. 
  • Gather your recipes and compile your own dyer’s notebook with tips from Terry Mattison. 
  • Gain all of the crafty benefits of a finished project without a major time commitment with three projects to knit and weave.

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