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Spin-Off Magazine

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It's About Making Yarn by Hand

Spring 2017 Issue

From selecting fibers to buying tools to finding creative uses for what you already have, spinners are constantly faced with another decision to make. That’s why we’ve dedicated the Spring 2017 issue of Spin Off to helping you make better spinning decisions.

Start spinning on the right foot by understanding which spinning wheel is perfect for your needs with Carol Leonard. Get to know your drumcarder and troubleshoot common problems with Deb menz, and then get help choosing the right spindle for the job with Connie Kephart. Learn all about spinning the best yarns for weaving tapestry from fleece selection to drafting techniques and more with Rebecca Mezoff. And explore the many ways to spin gradient yarns with Cindy Craft.

Features include:
  • 4 Ways to Make Gradient Yarn
  • How to Choose the Right Spindle for the Job
  • Find Your Tribe: How & Why to Join a Spinning Guild
  • Spin the Perfect Yarn for Weaving Tapestry
  • Modern Quill Wheels: Not Just for Sleeping Beauty
  • Keep Your Drumcarder Like New
  • Buy Your 1st Spinning Wheel!

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