Twills with Jason Collingwood -  ()
 Twills with Jason Collingwood -  ()
 Twills with Jason Collingwood -  ()

Twills with Jason Collingwood

$275.00 Each

Renowned rug-weaver Jason Collingwood devotes this 3-day workshop to the intensive study of the twill structure. Students will learn different techniques for achieving precise color and texture placement using a variety of colors and tools. A four-shaft loom is required for this class, and although a table loom is fine, a small floor loom will be beneficial. Balance and counter marche actions are all acceptable.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Jason Collingwood
Date: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 6/8, 6/9, and 6/10/2018
Time: 9:00am–5:00pm
Materials Required:

  • A four-shaft floor or table loom, although a floor loom will be more beneficial. Jack, counter, or counter marche actions are all acceptable.
  • Warp: 1.5-2 yards of weavable warp will be plenty. As a guide, a 250g cone of 8/5 Linen gives a warp just short of three yards of 72 ends.  If possible, linen (8/5 or 10/6 are ideal), however cotton of a similar weight will be fine for class. If warping from the back, set the warp at 6EPI on the warp beam and beam as tightly as possible.
  • Weft: 3 or 4 colors of weft. I use a two-ply weft of between 800 and 1,000 yards to the pound. I use this 3-fold on the shuttle to get the correct thickness, but try to ensure your weft is NOT thicker than three of mine together. About 1.5 lb. of each color will be fine.
  • Stick Shuttles: 2-3 stick shuttles will be best for this class. As we will be working on a relatively narrow warp, ski or boat shuttle hold no advantage.
  • Note taking supplies are necessary.
  • Scissors are essential.
  • Please bring your lunch, which you should plan to eat in the classroom.


1. See Threading and Sleying documents and bring your loom warped.
Twill Threading Instructions.
Twill Shaft Switching Threading Plan.
Twill Sleying Instructions.

When possible, please buy your materials from WEBS. 

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Note: If you are purchasing more than one unit of the same class, please call customer service with that person's name and information.

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