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Vavmagasinet Scandinavian Weaving Magazine

$13.99 Each

The only magazine in Scandinavia for weavers - comes out annually in four, colorful and inspiring issues (February, April, August and November). Each issue contains 10 complete weaving projects, beautifully photographed and specially designed for the magazine. In addition, Vav Magasinet offers exciting reading about textile art and weaving from both near and far. The magazine covers courses and exhibitions, and visit individual textile artists, industries and weaving studios. The beginner as well as the experienced weaver cannot afford to miss out on this beautiful Scandinavian Weaving Magazine.

Issue: 3/16 English Edition 

Drafts and Projects

  • Textile Tips: Open Air Tapestry Weaving
  • Weave School: Corduroy
  • Single and Half Corduroy
  • Double Corduroy
  • Cushions in Half Corduroy
  • Rug in Corduroy
  • Angermanland Drall, a Fresh Take
  • Tyndero Drall, a Fresh Take
  • Furnishing Fabric with a Trailing Flower Design
  • The Wandering Man


  • Textile Art at Moderna Museet
  • Stunning Colourist, painter and tapestry weaver
  • The Studio at HV
  • And many more!


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