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Warp with a Trapeze & Dance with Your Loom

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Based on material first published in the author's earlier book Reflections from a Flaxen Past, this book further explores using Live Weight Tensioned Warps.

This book is basically a "how-to" instruction manual with pictures showing each of the steps. The first part of the book shows the reader how to construct and use a Warping Trapeze for a variety of looms. The second part is titled Dance with Your Loom Using Live-Weight-Tensioned Warps and the author shows the steps involved in modifying a standard weaving loom to perform this. A collection of pictures show different looms modified with the addition of a warp trapeze.

The author also covers a number of other topics including proper posture at the loom, shuttle handling, making a cloth apron for your loom and even includes a recipe for warp dressing.  softcover, 48 pages


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