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Weaving With Pick Up Stick Techniques on the Rigid Heddle Loom


A pick-up stick is a great tool for rigid heddle weavers. It allows the weaver to create texture and pattern in their cloth thus expanding the design possibilities. Waffle weave and honeycomb are two weave structures created by pick up stick patterning that are accessible to weavers using a rigid heddle loom. This class will focus on creating a detailed sampler using a pick up stick to create variations of warp and weft float patterns. You can use your detailed sampler as a guide to design any number of projects, be they scarves, shawls, or home decor handwoven items. Please bring your loom with a warp ready to weave. See homework instructions for details. Please remember to bring your lunch to this day-long class.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Prerequisite: Introduction to Rigid Heddle Flip Loom Weaving or equivalent. You must know how to warp your loom.
Instructor: Paula Veleta
Date: Sunday, 3/25/2018
Time: 10:00am–5:00pm
Materials Required:


  1. Warp your loom with the Bamboo Pop using a ten-dent reed (this is the reed that comes with your Flip loom). Your warp will be 9" wide x 60" long. You should end up with a total of 90 warp ends.

When possible, please buy your materials from WEBS.

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