WEBS Expert Knitter Certification Program (2)

What is an Expert Knitter? An Expert Knitter needs only yarn, needles and measurements to construct hats, mittens, socks, and sweaters of various types. An Expert Knitter has acquired the knowledge to master additional techniques independently.

In addition to our regular class offerings, WEBS has developed a program leading to certification as a WEBS Expert Knitter. Our goal is to provide our students with the skills an Expert Knitter must possess by means of a varied, interesting, and comprehensive curriculum. We have designated a total of fifteen classes/workshops as Core Requirements. (Note that there are a Knitting II Opt-Out Test Class and a Crochet I Opt-Out Test Class for those eligible. Click here for an overview of the Knitting II test and click here for an overview of the Crochet I test.) There will also be three required electives, one in knitting and one in each of two other disciplines such as crochet, weaving, spinning, etc. Classes for the WEBS Expert Knitter Certification Program may only be taken at the WEBS retail store in Northampton, MA. We do not offer an online program.

A Capstone Project will be the culmination of the program for students. This project will require students to utilize the skills they have learned to design, knit and finish an original sweater in pieces from measurements.  For this final project, students will be assigned a mentor for support, consultation and advice. The final project will be reviewed by a committee and, if accepted,  the WEBS’ Expert Knitters Certificate will be awarded.

A $75 yearly fee will be the only additional charge for participation in the program over and above the usual course and materials fees. For further information, please contact Beth Zych at WEBS or via e-mail at bzych@yarn.com.

Note: If you sign up for the program online, you must contact Customer Service to set up an appointment with the Education Manager to get your Class Tracking Booklet.

When possible, please buy your class materials from WEBS.

Download the WEBS Expert Knitter Certification Program brochure.

Listen to an interview about WEKP on our blog!

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