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What is CustomFit?

The CustomFit program lets you use any yarn you want, for any CustomFit design. It creates a custom sweater pattern to knit based on your measurements and choice of sweater style. As a CustomFit partner, WEBS - America’s Yarn Store offers many levels of help with your CustomFit pattern at our retail store in Northampton, MA.

CustomFit Workshop

The CustomFit Workshop is for the knitter looking for full immersion in the CustomFit process and hands on guidance throughout the knitting process. Everything from having measurements taken and selecting and swatching yarn, to the step-by-step knitting of the sweater will be explained and reviewed in detail. There will also be an overview and demonstration of mattress stitch and the finishing techniques critical to a successful sweater. The CustomFit Workshop runs over a 11–12 week time period and includes measurements, assistance with yarn selection and swatching, Basic Silhouette pattern generation, structured guidance and a wrap-up party. The CustomFit Workshop will be a small group of 8–10 participants (minimum of 4). Cost is $150 (purchase of yarn not included). 

CustomFit Personal Appointments

CustomFit Personal Appointments are for the knitter who may not need the full hands-on experience of a workshop setting, but would like some additional assistance. Through a series of five appointments, each lasting from 15–45 minutes in length, to be scheduled in advance, the knitter will have the benefit of one-on-one guidance through the CustomFit process from measurements, yarn selection and swatching, to knitting the pieces and finishing. These appointments are meant to be a resource for the knitter who has knit sweaters before but wants to make a sweater that is truly customized. This would be a terrific way for two friends to work on their sweaters together! Participants at this level are welcome to attend two CustomFit Drop-In sessions for a little extra assistance. Participants at this level are welcome to attend two CustomFit Drop-In sessions for a little extra assistance. Each CustomFit Personal Appointment Series costs $90/person.

CustomFit Lite: Just the Basics

The CustomFit Lite option is perfect for the knitter who just wants measurements taken, a pattern generated, and feels confident working through the pattern independently. These appointments must be made in advance and some assistance with yarn selection may be included. CustomFit Drop-In Class is available to these knitters for a little extra help, no appointment is required. A CustomFit Lite individual appointment costs $30.

CustomFit: Just the Pattern

Customers can come in and have us generate a pattern based on existing measurements already on file, no appointment necessary. Each CustomFit pattern costs $10.

CustomFit Drop-In Class

For the duration of the CustomFit Workshop, participants in the Workshop, may drop in for assistance one Saturday morning a month from 10am–11:30am. Participants in the other levels of our CustomFit Program are entitled to attend two Drop-In Classes as part of the fee paid when their measurements are taken.
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Are you ready to make a great CustomFit sweater?

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