addi FlexiFlips2 (squared)

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Fans of the addi FlexiFlips needles will be delighted to see the new FlexiFlips2 (squared) join this popular line of innovative DPNs! These specially designed 11.8” rounded-square shaped circulars rest comfortably in the hand and act as flexible double pointed needles, perfect for knitting socks, cuffs, hats, and any other small diameter projects. FlexiFlips2 (squared) needles are textured and squared for ergonomic comfort, and they feature the same speedy Turbo finish and tapered Rocket tips knitters know and love. Easy to use, stitches are simply distributed over two needles, and then knit with the third - resulting in only two needle changes per row. Each tip is 5” long (1.8" of cord) and ideal for larger hands or those seeking more tip length.

Note: addi needles are manufactured to exact metric sizes. The US sizes that are listed are only approximate and may not correspond to standard US sizes. Please be sure that you are selecting the correct metric size for your knitting.

Please note that the unique design of addi Rocket2 [Squared] needles is not compatible with traditional needle gauges. Katrinkles has created a needle gauge specifically designed for the Rochet2 [Squared] needles and it can be found here.

addi products have a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer's defects. Contact Customer Service if you have an issue with any addi product you’ve purchased from WEBS.

addi FlexiFlips2 (squared) - US 0, 2.0mm (0)
(0) US 0, 2.0mm
addi FlexiFlips2 (squared) - US ½, 2.25mm (½)
(½) US ½, 2.25mm
addi FlexiFlips2 (squared) - US 1, 2.5mm (1)
(1) US 1, 2.5mm
addi FlexiFlips2 (squared) - US 1½, 2.75mm (1½)
(1½) US 1½, 2.75mm
addi FlexiFlips2 (squared) - US 2, 3.0mm (2)
(2) US 2, 3.0mm
addi FlexiFlips2 (squared) - US 3, 3.25mm (3)
(3) US 3, 3.25mm
addi FlexiFlips2 (squared) - US 4, 3.5mm (4)
(4) US 4, 3.5mm
addi FlexiFlips2 (squared) - US 5, 3.75mm (5)
(5) US 5, 3.75mm
addi FlexiFlips2 (squared) - US 6, 4.0mm (6)
(6) US 6, 4.0mm

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