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Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel

By Ashford

Only 1 left in stock!

Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel

Only 1 left in stock!

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Product Details

The Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel is a portable wheel that's lightweight and had folding treadles and a carrying handle. The drive wheel of the Joy 2 is weighted for easy starting and it has a stretchy drive band. It comes single drive style with Scotch tension and a built-in Lazy Kate. This compact wheel is easy to take with you in cars and as carry-on luggage on planes (check with your airline first as this varies from aircraft to aircraft) and it takes up little space at home. The wheel comes assembled and lacquered, ready for spinning.


  • Single Treadle
  • Scotch Tension
  • Weight: 11 lb (5kg) 
  • Ratios: 6:1, 8:1, 11:1, and 14:1
  • Bobbin Capacity: 4–5oz
  • Orifice Diameter: ⅜"
  • Orifice Height: 23¾"

Included Accessories:

  • Built In Lazy Kate
  • 3 bobbins
  • Carrying bag
  • Threading hook
  • Learn to Spin Booklet

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