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Ashford Top Whorl Spindle

By Ashford
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2.75", 1.25oz (70mm, 35g)

Only 2 left in stock!

2.75", 1.25oz (70mm, 35g)

Only 2 left in stock!

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Product Details

Ashford Top Whirl Spindles are a great choice for aspiring and experienced spinners alike with their smooth spin and variety of sizes. Each spindle is made from solid silver beech wood that's lightly finished, with a notch on the whorl to guide your yarn to the wire hook at the top and a smooth shaft to hold your cop. The whorl is hollowed out to reduce the weight and maximize the momentum on each spin.

Drop spindles are a wonderfully portable and inexpensive way to jump into spinning or take it with you on the go, and the variety available ensures that you can find the right one to match the yarn you prefer to spin. In general, the finer the yarn you want to spin, the lighter the spindle you will choose. Beginners may find that the 90mm size is helpful to learn on, since a slightly heavier spindle will spin longer as your hands are learning to draft your fiber.

Spindle Measurements: 

  • 50mm (2") diameter weighs 15g (~½oz)
  • 70mm (2¾") diameter weighs 35g (~1¼oz)
  • 90mm (3½") diameter weighs 80g (~2¾oz)