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Craftsy 32 Inch Bamboo Circular Needles

By Craftsy
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8.00mm (US 11)

Not Available

$3.83 $8.50
8.00mm (US 11)

Not Available

$3.83 $8.50

Sorry, this item is unavailable in the US store right now!

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Product Details

Craftsy 32 Inch Bamboo Circular Needles are perfect go-tos for any project with precision tips and snag-free joins. These bamboo needles are strong enough to stand up to everyday use and their smooth finish makes for enjoyable knitting. Bamboo is a favorite of many knitters with its warm feel and slight grip that gives you a nice amount of control over your stitches.

Needle Material
Needle Size
US 11 (8mm)
Needle Type
Fixed Circular Needles