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CH31 Easy Crocheted Baby Blankets, Collection 1

$5.50 Each

These three easy-to-crochet baby blankets make up quickly in worsted weight yarn. The pattern stitches are easily adaptable to different yarns and stitch counts.

Crocheted Old Shale Blanket: 33" x 39"
Striped Blanket: 35" x 35"
Lacy Bordered Blanket: 35" x 35"

Yarn Requirements: worsted weight yarn
Crocheted Old Shale Blanket: 1000 yds
Striped blanket: 600 yds of color A, 430 yds of color B
Lacy Bordered Blanket: 950 yds

Hooks: US J/10 (6.00mm); Striped Blanket also requires a I/9 (5.50mm) hook

Crocheted Old Shale Blanket: 12 st repeat = 3.5"
Striped Blanket: 13 sts = 4"
Lacy Bordered Blanket: 12 sc = 4"


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