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Knitwear Design Workshop (softcover)

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A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits

Discover how to create your own dramatic and unique knitwear with Shirley Paden's hit book—now in paperback!

Expert knitwear designer Shirley Paden approaches Knitwear Design Workshop as she does her design classes—teaching through example. With her book, you'll learn all the tricks of the trade for designing with step-by-step instructions for using measurements, calculations, and schematics.

Knitwear Design Workshop is your backstage pass to the world of design. Inside you'll discover:

  • How to design double-tapered, single-tapered, and reverse-tapered garments with sleeves or sleeves caps that fit;
  • Designing with armholes, necklines, neckbands, and collars and labels;
  • A clearer understanding of commercial pattern instructions;
  • Ways to improve your attention to detail with a meaningful test swatch;
  • Stronger knowledge of proper body or garment measurements;
  • How to handle design challenges in a variety of garments such as cardigans, skirts, and dresses;
  • And much more!

Perfectly packaged in its new paperback format, Knitwear Design Workshop is chock full of in-depth information, including measuring a gauge, working silhouette and fit, designing with stitch patterns, selecting color, and yarn characteristics. Also included in this helpful resource are four breathtaking projects—great for both design inspiration and creation! Softcover, 341 pages; Interweave Press

Learn more about the 5th anniversary release of Knitwear Design Workshop during Kathy's interview with Shirley Paden on Ready, Set, Knit! episode 391.

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