Louet Bobbins - Main Bobbin (finished) (SL1-310)


Louet Bobbins

$34.00 Each

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Main Bobbin - Louet's primary bobbin, it comes in lacquered or unfinished form. Each spinning wheel comes with three bobbins. If you are looking for replacement bobbins for the S10, S51, S10 DT, S51 DT wheels, you want the lacquered version. If you are looking for an extra bobbin for the S17, S15 or S75 wheels, you are looking for the unfinished version.

The wheels mentioned above are bobbin lead wheels. The ratio’s for these wheels are controlled by the bobbin and are: 5.5:1 for slow spinning and heavy yarn; 7.5:1 for medium yarn; and, 10.5:1 for fast spinning and fine yarn. Bobbins will hold approximately 180-250 gr of yarn – a very large capacity.

High Speed Bobbin - The Louet high speed bobbin was designed to make it easier to spin finer yarns, by introducing higher ratios. Its ratios are: 6.5:1, 9.5:1 and 15:1 The high speed bobbin will fit on all current and discontinued Louet wheels EXCEPT: S40, S45, Victoria, S87, S90.

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