Louet Bobbins - Main Bobbin (finished) (SL1-310)


Louet Bobbins

$34.00 Each

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Main Bobbin - Louet's standard bobbin works with the S10, S51, S10 DT, S51 DT bobbin-led wheels. The ratios for these wheels are controlled by the bobbin and are 5.5:1 for slow spinning and heavy yarn; 7.5:1 for medium yarn; and, 10.5:1 for fast spinning and fine yarn. Bobbins will hold approximately 180-250 gr of yarn – a very large capacity.

High Speed Bobbin - The Louet high speed bobbin was designed to make it easier to spin finer yarns by introducing higher ratios. Its ratios are: 6.5:1, 9.5:1 and 15:1 and the high speed bobbin will fit on all current and discontinued Louet wheels EXCEPT: S40, S45, Victoria, S87, S90.

Scotch Tension Bobbin Standard For S95 Beech Victoria - This bobbin is specifically for the Louet Victoria wheel.

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