Original Thera-Glove

$17.00 – $19.00 Each

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Thera-Glove ® is the original patented innovative hand and wrist support glove of the American Orthopedic Appliance Group.

The THERA-GLOVE'S ® light-weight, fingerless design allows total freedom of motion. Constructed from spandex and nylon, the THERA-GLOVE ® comfortably breathes and dissipates moisture and perspiration. This spandex and nylon design acts as a support hose for your hands that enhances blood flow and massages muscles. THERA-GLOVE ® provides the comfort of support to vital areas of the hand and wrist. (Sold in pairs).

When ordering the glove, use the measuring guide to help you determine the proper size that you will need to order. Place a ruler across your hand as shown in the link.

If your size is:
2½–3” = Small
3–3½” = Medium
3½–4” = Large

 Original Thera-Glove - Black - Large (BLACKLG)
(BLACKLG) Black - Large
 Original Thera-Glove - Black - Medium (BLACKMD)
(BLACKMD) Black - Medium
 Original Thera-Glove - Black - Small (BLACKSM)
(BLACKSM) Black - Small
 Original Thera-Glove - Navy - Large (NAVYLG)
(NAVYLG) Navy - Large
 Original Thera-Glove - Navy - Medium (NAVYMD)
(NAVYMD) Navy - Medium
 Original Thera-Glove - Navy - Small (NAVYSM)
(NAVYSM) Navy - Small

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