Schacht Cardboard Spools w/ Metal Ends - 4 Inch

$29.00 Pack

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Schacht Cardboard Spools are great tools for sectional warping! The new Cardboard Spools with Metal Ends have inserts that make the hole in the spools smaller. Each spool measures 4" tall with 3" flanges. Cardboard Spools come in a pack of 10. The hole on the new spool is recessed by ½”, while the old spools have the hole flush with the surface. This means that the live center end must go in deeper, past the tapered tip.

When used on the double ended electric winder, the live center (the fatter of the two ends) is inserted far into the hole of the spool. This does not allow for a secure fit at high speeds. You can use the new spools on the old winder but not at high speeds.

Spinners, you can also use the Cardboard Spools to wind yarn off your drop spindle, as temporary bobbins to let your yarn rest before plying, and to free up your wheel's bobbins during a monster spinning session!

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