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Silk, Silk, Silk


The luster and beauty of silk has entranced humans for centuries.  Come learn about what makes silk so special and lose any fear you have about spinning silk! We will learn about different kinds of silks (bombyx, tussah, eri, and more), silk preparations available to spinners, and how to spin different kinds of silk yarns for weaving, embroidery, and knitting.   We will cover spinning silk from combed top, what to do with hankies or bells, and how to blend silk with other fibers on hand cards. We will also play with silk waste from the Sari weaving industry.

Skill Level: Adventurous beginners to intermediate-level spinners
Instructor: Deanna Moore
Date: Saturday, 8/3/2019
Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm
Materials Required:

  • Bring a drop spindle or wheel in good working order with an extra bobbin or two, a lazy kate, and hand cards with fine carding cloth in good condition if you have them.  
  • Materials fee of $20 payable to instructor for sampler pack of silk fibers.

When possible, please buy your materials from WEBS.

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Note: If you are purchasing more than one unit of the same class, please call  Customer Service with that person's name and information.

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