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The Kangaroo Dyer's Color Grid

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Product Details

Whether you knit, crochet, weave, spin, dye, or do any kind of crafting, The Kangaroo Dyer’s Color Grid is an essential and innovative tool you need in your supplies.

The Regular Color Grid is Newly Redesigned! 

Color theories and color wheels serve as excellent guides, but they do not work for everyone. The Kangaroo Dyer's Color Grid is based on sound theory, but you don't have to learn that theory; you just have to explore the tool. The simple instructions are inside. Feel free to play with the Color Grid to discover color combinations that are guaranteed to work, and at the same time, to build your own color confidence. Use the color combinations you discover in your projects, you home, your garden—wherever color counts!

New! Wedding Color Grid:

The Wedding Color Grid focuses on a palette appropriate for your Special day. Create the perfect color palette for your attire, invitations, table settings, bouquets, flower arrangements and all the other special details.

This ingenious tool makes selecting colors simple. It is based on the science of the color wheel in an easier form to use. The detachable template reveals how color families relate to each other, making choices clearer. Take this handy tool along to guide you in selecting color for your special day.

With the Wedding Color Grid you are three steps away from creating the perfect color combinations;

  • Choose a color
  • Identify the close relatives of your favorite color
  • Add a color spark to give it life

Use the template to create your perfect color palette

Read more about the Color Grid on Knitter's Review and click here to read about the Color Grid on our blog.   

Scroll down to see a video demonstration on how to use it!